About King James


I’m King James Hair, a native of Chicago IL with 15+ years of experience working with hair. Growing up I noticed my passion for hair in my early teens, I’d always catch myself looking at something and would just do it. I have been in several different hair competitions (Taking Home 9 1st Place trophies) in which my mother (Sandra AKA Moma) was always my #1 Support. And when god called her home I had to change my ways and expand my business.

Fast forward 5 years to today and I now sell my own products, Hair, accessories and more. God has been good to me in spite of it all and I will continue to make my mom proud of me and slay everything I get my hands on!!!


Thanks to my assistant Andre Smith, whose loyalty in beyond and to my bestfriend Lucky, I love you so much!! So I hope you guys enjoy my site! Shop & Have Fun!!!